Sharing my theme creations I've made to customize your Blackberry & other randomness.

If your looking for specific model themes, I do have a labels area below where you can search for example just 8500 themes or just 9700 themes by clicking on the corresponding label.

Pls don't post my themes & Ota links on other sites/forums/blogs WITHOUT my permission. You can however place a link directing them to my blog, but just because you have a link to my site under my theme images and the ota links doesn't mean it's ok. I would have to say I work hard for the themes I create, it takes time to create each one, and would appreciate the kindness at least of asking me first.

Get it? Got it? GOOD! :)

Twitter Change:


Changed up the twitter name: Please note & if your not following... (are u kidding me?!?!! LOL j/k)

No longer ladyrubysthemes

NOW @rubyloves2laugh

My Newest Toy

So as you can see I am still using a droid. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S 2 in White from Tmobile. It has a super huge screen which is good for watching movies and my addictions of facebook and twitter. LOL I had before this the Samsung Galaxy S 4G from Tmobile which is almost the same exact screen less screen size, and camera flash and little things.

I haven't had the phone too long but my collection of cases is already beginning *insert evil laugh here*

Screenie for tonight..

Question for Current Blackberry users

Hey dolls-

So I have my windows based laptop up and running again (Knock on Wood) and one of the things I wanted to slowly get back into is making themes. I know I am going to have to familiarize myself with the theme studio again. [YiKeS!!]

Question is, What blackberry's are y'all currently using, example as model & OS PLS. What are things you are looking for? Just comment here please with any tips ect ect.. Thanks for your time!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, I hope you all have a great time, filled with lots of happiness and good health! Don't go out and do too much damage on those day after Thanksgiving sales! I am going to TRY not to go out shopping. I am just not sure how long I can resist. Hugs & kisses to all!


Macbook + HelloKitty

Hi Loves, So I know this is my Blackberry Theme Related stuff blog, but I am going to post Random things from time to time. 1. To keep the blog active. 2. It is my blog to put out there whatever I would like :)

So as I wait for my windows based laptop to get repaired (I was assured it should be about another week longer) I have been using my lovely macbook. When I am bored sitting here at home, I do one of two things. Shop online or paint my nails ♥

This little item arrived today along with many other things I had ordered off ebay. Fits my Macbook perfectly! Even with the hard case I have attached to protect it. I just love Hello Kitty & thought I would share


New Look ♥

So I was thinking to myself I needed a bit of a change here. Fall is officially here & I really want to get back into theming. I need to either get a new windows based laptop or somehow get theme studio on my Mac. Which isn't supported blah blah blah hehe. Anyways, Check out the new simple layout for the blog. Birthday is coming up on October 5th! & Follow Me on twitter @ladyrubysthemes

♥ xoxo


Hey Loves ♥

So I wanted to just come by and give a little update. I was working on that theme for the 9700 on 6.0 and then my windows based laptop is giving me serious issues. So... I am going to take that baby into the geek squad and see if they can give her a bit of tender loving care. If not, I will just buy another laptop. I wish I didn't have to, since I have this Macbook that I've only had for a few months. Theme studio isn't compatible with it though and it is such a pain to have to bring around two laptops. Thanks for all the patience & support.

Lots of Love,


Hey Loves

So I was missing my Blackberry a bit, so I caved and came back. I assume after some time again I will return to the droid, but for now back on that BerryLovin :) So I am hoping to convert a theme I had for BB 9700 on 5.0 to 6.0 so I can use it. Tried to get it done today but I think I lost all my theme files (Lame I Know) So hopefully within 2 weeks I'll have a theme up and yes since it has been awhile I will make it free!

On another Note, Thanks for all who are still there messaging me those get well wishes, and who have never left. All that love is precious!

Find me on twitter @ladyrubysthemes



Hey Dolls, So I thought I would do a quick update, I am having issues trying to create ota's and what not, so I will keep trying. I have 2 9700 6.0 themes for *FREE* that I will release once I do so. Thanks for all the kind emails & once things calm down and I get a bit better I will start going through them and start replying. Thanks for all ur love and support! xoxo

Mini Update

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I have been so M.I.A I have been so extremely sick, and just now starting to get slowly better with the help of some meds and different doctors. Thanks for all the emails and tweets to see how I have been... I truly appreciate all the love, and thankful even though I have been M.I.A. I still have love from y'all.

Currently I am back in the Blackberry 9700 running 6.0 I haven't been theming too much lately because I have been icky, but once I am better I will get more conversions out for 9700 on 6.0 and will play a bit with other devices as well.

So, I am here updating to let everyone know I am still here kicking and fighting... I will try to update again soon, and check in on twitter once I am a bit better.

BTW :: Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommas out there, the single parent dads...


RainbowBrite SideZen for 9700 (FREE)

No HiddenToday
Made for 9700 running 6.0
SideZen Style Theme
Colorful Throughout

This was a quickie theme I put together while I was playing around with the themestudio6 (BETA) program. I am still trying to get used to this theme builder, and the 6.0 os. I just needed to whip something up really fast to get some color and a theme that isn't stock for the BB. Leave a comment if you like or download. Will help me determine if I want to share or create more. Thanks...


my 9700 is on 6.0

Hey dolls, just stopping in for a quick post. I upgraded the os on my 9700 to the official Tmobile 6.0 os. (Available for Tmobile customers on their website under support) I'm not sure if I like it too much, I bet I just have to get used to it. I think in the next week or so I will make a theme for 9700 on os 6.0 because I can't seem to find any themes for it that I like to my taste. Not that they are bad themes, I just like certain things to look and do certain ways that I choose. So for those of you on Tmobile who have been waiting for the official os 6.0 go ahead and download it. I have heard feedback that some are waiting until they upgrade their os due to lack of themes for it? But I bet if you went to other theme blogs or themes4bb.com or coolblackberrythemes.com I bet you could find one you would like after searching around. Okay Gotta run, Still not feeling so well. Everyone have a blessed week!

Checking in =]

Hey Dolls,
I've been getting some emails about how I have been as well as tweets and what not, and I just wanted to do a general message so everyone who is curious will know. I am doing well right now. I am still not 100% and I am in and out of different doctors and sometimes urgent care but I am still fighting to get better. Thanks for all your concern. About themes, Right now due to everything with my health I am taking a little break, I will continue to theme possibly once I'm all better, but I do have links for other great themers that you should also check out in the meantime ♥ I am also moving in 2 weeks so with everything else going on I will be a bit busy with packing, moving, then unpacking *sarcastic smile inserted here* LOL Sometimes I do little check-ins on twitter to say hi here and there so you can follow me at @ladyrubysthemes

Everyone have a blessed day.....

Spring2011 for BB 9000 os 5.0

BB 9000 os 5.0
10 Icons on HomeScreen

(I don't have a BB 9000 but I thought it has been awhile since I have shown them some love in awhile, but I didnt test it. I hope it works fine)